“Avaji Vaji (horse) Kryate Iti Vajikarna ”
(To make an impotent person sexually strong like a horse."

Sex Problems/ Diseases

Solution/Cure by a World renowned Sexologist/Sex Specialist Doctor-

Dr Naresh Saggar

M.D. (Ay.) Sexologist

Saggar Hospital, Bassi Khawaju, Hoshiarpur, (Pb.)-146001, India
  • Discuss your Sex Problems with a Sexologist / Sex Specialist Doctor as early as possible otherwise it can spoil your Personality.
  • Most the Sex Problems being solved through Counseling only.
  • Only in sever and chronic cases, Medicine is used, that too Ayurvedic and or Homeopathic, with no side effects like instant working medicines – Viagra or other medicines containing Opium or any other harmful material.
  • Results within 8 days.